Boadicea® Gin 'Spiced' + Tonics

1 x 50cl Boadicea® Gin 'Spiced' - vapour-infused with notes of cranberry, citrus and a fusion of delicate spices. Boadicea Gin Spiced is delicious sipped neat, or for a longer serve, topped with ginger ale and ice.

2 x 200ml Ginger Ale from Merchant's Heart - flavour comes from fresh (rather than candied) ginger, for a soft spiced finish. Ideal pairing with Boadicea Gin 'Spiced'. 

Garnish with lime and enjoy!

Alcohol: 40% ABV.
Allergens: Gluten free and does not contain any notifiable allergens.
Pack size: 50cL bottle of gin. 200mL bottles of tonic.