The Beginning

Wild Knight® Distillery is the creation of husband and wife team Matt and Steph Brown.

Our spirits journey began in 2010 when Matt travelled to Mongolia to be best man at his brother's wedding. Vodka plays a central role in Mongolian daily social life and the traditional wedding day started by sharing a bowl of vodka.

The drink was even included as part of the ceremony itself, which the guests (of all ages) shared!

This experience changed Matt’s perception of vodka. It needn’t be a tasteless, harsh liquid that is mainly used for making a soda drink alcoholic.

A great vodka could be sipped and enjoyed in the same way that we would with a whisky or brandy. Different spirits of course, but the drinking experience could be on the same level.

This realisation set us on the path to creating our own sipping vodka. We had the desire to create a spirit that is the very best and purest.

A vodka aimed at those seeking a drink to savour rather than guzzle - the ultimate vodka! In 2016, Wild Knight English vodka was the result.

Choosing barley as the base was a natural choice for us. It is grown in the fields around us in Norfolk and used to make the very finest drinks around the world.

From the barley we make an unhopped beer and this is distilled in a copper still to create a very smooth spirit. We don’t filter our vodka and this ensures that the taste of the barley grain shines through.

Our Continuing Journey

The launch of Nelson's Gold in 2017 continued our drinks journey. Our caramelised spirit has proved to be a real crowd-pleaser and a medal winner at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

In June 2018 we launched Boadicea Gin – ‘Classic’ (blue bottle). Distilled in one of our copper-pot stills and with notes of citrus, thyme and nettle.

Boadicea receives amazing feedback from lovers of premium gin. Gin is a flavoured vodka, so the production of gin was a seamless step.

Boadicea Gin ‘Spiced’ (red bottle) followed in the winter 2018.

April 2019 saw the launch of Boadicea Gin ‘Rosa’. A delicious distilled pink gin with subtle notes of peach and cherry.

Our Nelson’s Gold is such a popular drink and it got us thinking how we could extend our vodka range further. The favourite that emerged next was Wild Knight Espresso Martini. We capture the deep complex flavours from single estate espresso coffee and combine with our smooth sipping vodka to create a hugely popular drink.

In September 2019 we launched it at a food festival and the bottles were sold out within the first two hours.

Why We Love Our Spirits

Authenticity and the highest quality are crucial to us. We chose barley as the base for our spirits, partly because it grows in the fields all around us in the Royal county of Norfolk.

It has been grown commercially here for over 500 years and the Iceni were brewing from wild barley when the Romans arrived.

The light sandy soils over chalk and the local maritime microclimate are ideal for creating the highest quality barley.

The world's finest beers and whiskies use Norfolk barley, so it was a natural choice for us. Not just because it's local, but because it's also the best we can use for our premium spirits.

Precision during the distillation process is crucial to creating spirits that are smooth on the palate and do not burn.

As it warms up during distillation, only the purest heart of the distillate is retained for bottling.

This ensures that all the headache-inducing elements and harsh flavours are eliminated without the need for further filtration – essential if you love to enjoy our drinks as much as we do!

The Future

Our ethos - we create authentic, premium spirits with real provenance and personality.

We are continuing to develop new spirits with this theme in mind.

Why don’t you share with us the spirits you love and how you enjoy them. You can find us on socials - search Wild Knight Distillery.

Matt and Steph