Wild Knight® Chocolate Martini, 50cl

Brand New! Wild Knight® Chocolate Martini

Craving a luxurious treat? Dive into the rich, velvety experience of Wild Knight® Chocolate Martini. Crafted with the finest organic Criollo cacao beans from the Peruvian Amazon and infused with vodka, this chocolatey delight boasts complex notes of fruit and nuts.

Perfect for sipping chilled or shaking up in a decadent cocktail, it’s an indulgence you deserve. Imagine a Chocolate Orange Martini or a Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Martini. Once you taste one, you will demand a second.

We use the King of Cacao - organic Criollo cacao beans - from the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. This rare, very high-quality aromatic bean is considered a delicacy and prized for its superior flavour. We infuse the raw cacao with vodka as part of the process to creating a delicious rich drink, that looks destined to be one of our best-sellers.

Cacao farming in the Peruvian Amazon supports local communities, providing livelihoods for many families. It helps preserve traditional farming methods and promotes biodiversity conservation in the region.

Tasting notes: Deep velvety chocolate richness, with an incredibly smooth long finish.
Alcohol: 20% ABV.
Allergens: Gluten free and does not contain any notifiable allergens.
Pack size: 50cl bottle.
Barcode: 5060461990345