Nelson's Gold®

Caramel + Vodka - affordable decadence

Gold. It grows under the sunshine in the Norfolk barley fields all around us. First we capture the finest barley grains and distil into precious spirit. Then we delicately blend with hand-made caramel.

The result is an ultra-smooth, deliciously full-bodied caramelised vodka, celebrating Norfolk's finest hero.

Enjoy ice-cold, with friends.

Available in 5cl and 50cl, Nelson's Gold is 26.5% ABV

Gluten free.

Origins of Nelson's Gold

The predecessor of Nelson's famous flagship, the HMS Victory, went down in a storm off the Channel Islands in 1744. It is believed the ship was carrying a large quantity of gold coins from Lisbon to Britain that would now be worth a reported £500m.

Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson (1758 - 1805) was one of Norfolk's most famous sons, born in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk.

Nelson was a British naval commander, famous for his bold action and naval victories during the Napoleonic Wars.

Nelson's most famous engagement at Cape Trafalgar, saved Britain from threat of invasion by Napoleon and changed the course of history.

Let's raise of glass of Nelson's Gold to hero's and friends, past and present.

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