Places where you can enjoy and buy Boadicea Gin

We are immensely proud of the places where you can buy our gin. These include the very best hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars and top wine merchants. Zoom in on your location on the map below to see the nearest place where you can try and buy Boadicea Gin.


Places where you can enjoy Boadicea Gin by the glass


Places where you can buy Boadicea Gin by the bottle

Does the world really need another gin? It does when it’s as stylish as Boadicea. It is lovely sipped neat, with tangy lemon and spice to the fore,  and the follow through is as soft as gossamer. If you’re adding tonic, make it just a splash.
— Dom Roskrow, Fortnum & Mason drink writer of the year
This has taken my appreciation of gin to a whole new level. Your gin really is something very special... :-)
— @Ruddy Muddy & @DamselDragonfly Celebrity ‘reverse van graffiti artists’
I really enjoyed my first taste of Boadicea Gin. I find the taste of ‘mainstream’ gins, even expensive ones, quite sharp and overpowering; Boadicea is beautifully balanced, very tasty just taking a little sip from the bottle, but even better with tonic and some fresh fruit (strawberries and lemon, plus fresh mint). They also have a lovely story, so tied in with Norfolk, and the bottle would look great in any kitchen…
— Jonathan Campion, Wine & spirits market analyst at the IWSR
One of the most amazing gins I’ve tasted... and I’ve tasted a lot in my industry. Botanicals date back to ancient times, and it’s great just to sip neat or with a touch of elderflower tonic, or in a cocktail.
— Paul Richardson, GM, The Old Crown, Girton Cambridge
I highly recommend this as it’s the best English gin around. But then it does have an amazing Celtic heritage so it’s not surprising I love it. It tastes as good as it looks and smells beautiful too!!
— Hayley Payne – The Gin Wyche