Wild Knight® Espresso Martini

Wild Knight® Espresso Martini is created with our finest English vodka. Infused with cold-brewed, single-origin speciality coffee. Sourced from the award-winning and conservation focused Guima Estate in Brazil.

The coffee is cold brewed to extract all the flavour without adding bitter notes. Once we have made our Wild Knight Espresso Martini we allow it to rest, as aging allows the flavours to mature.

Deep coffee with notes of toffee, brown sugar and chocolate. Very smooth and soft on the palate. Delicious served slightly chilled on its own. At tastings, this has become one of our most popular drinks.

Origins of our Espresso Martini

We tasted many coffees until we found the perfect blend. Grown by the award-winning Guima Estate in Brazil.

Our coffee is Yellow Bourbon from the Fazenda Santa Rita farm on the Guima Estate. The farm is 1,000 metres above sea level and the coffee beans are processed on the farm as pulped natural.

Guima Estate is an award-winning and conservation-focused coffee farm. The Estate consists of three neighboring coffee farms, each of which has a distinctive terroir. Our coffee is grown at Fazenda Santa Rita in a valley planted with Bourbon.

Guima covers 1,650 hectares. 900 hectares are coffee farmland and 346 are dedicated to native vegetation and the preservation of Cerrado flora and fauna.

The production of high-quality coffee is supported by environmentally focused best practices. The estate has reduced energy and water consumption by using modern equipment. The efficient use of “green” fertilisers enhances their sustainability.

The estate also experiments with drought-tolerant and more productive and better-tasting varieties. Plus, it’s Utz and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Guima supports community gardening, cultural activities and environmental education programs in its community.

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