Boadicea® Gin

Uniquely smooth - the spirit of the Iceni.

First we create our spirit from the finest Norfolk barley. We then redistil with a basket of the finest botanicals. These include juniper, citrus and with a nod to the Iceni - nettle.

Vapour infusion captures the delicate flavours to create a fine London dry gin. Sip on its own or pair with a splash of tonic, garnished with citrus and fresh thyme.

Available in 5cl and 50cl, Boadicea Gin is 40% ABV

Gluten free.

Who was Boadicea?

Britain has produced many fierce, noble warriors down the ages who have fought to keep Britain free. But there was one formidable lady in history whose name will never be forgotten. Queen Boudica or Boadicea as she is more commonly called.

At the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, Queen Boadicea ruled the Iceni tribe of East Anglia, alongside her husband King Prasutagus.

Boadicea was a striking looking woman. “She was very tall, the glance of her eye most fierce; her voice harsh. A great mass of the reddest hair fell down to her hips. Her appearance was terrifying.” – Definitely a lady to be noticed.

Wild Knight English Vodka distillation column

Wild Knight English Vodka Being Distilled

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The Sound and Aroma of Alcohol Being Created - Fermentation

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How Gin is Made

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