Mother's Day Gift Set: Boadicea® Gin Debaucherry 50cl plus Milk Chocolate Hearts

Perfect for Mother's Day - Boadicea® Gin 'Debaucherry' makes an ideal gift for gin lovers. The gift is delivered in an elegant wooden bottle box with sliding lid and the presentation is completed with an embossed Boadicea pewter emblem on the front of the box.

We couple Boadicea Gin Debaucherry with a delicious selection of milk chocolate hearts beautifully wrapped in red foil.

Boadicea® Gin 'Debaucherry'

  • First we vapour distil the gin gently in our copper still. We then infuse the spirit in amazingly flavourful Morello cherries to build an additional depth of flavour.
  • Subtle notes of peach and delicious cherry with a sweetness from the fruit. No additional sugar is added.
  • An added dimension with 'Debaucherry' is its colour from the cherries - a rich, deep amber.
  • Perfect served straight up over ice, or for a longer serve, pair with Merchant's Heart Hibiscus tonic or a dash of lemonade.
  • 40% ABV.
  • Bottle size 50cl.

Milk Chocolate Hearts

  • Made from high-quality milk chocolate, the hearts are beautifully wrapped in foil for an added touch of luxury.
  • 10 chocolate hearts.
  • Net weight 50g